Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Greek Vandalism

Last week, a group of thieves looted the museum in Olympia, making off with over 60 historical artefacts. The thieves threatened a female employee, who refused to give them the artefacts, so they bound and gagged her after waving a gun in her face. There are literally no words to describe how I feel about this. I’ve visited the museum, and it has some incredible objects, all of which are priceless! Questions have been raised about museum security, as only a few weeks before the National Gallery in Athens was robbed of a Picasso painting The Mayor of Olympia has argued that there is a link between the economic crisis and the lack of security. (How about employing some of the 35% of young people who are currently out of work in Greece).

Museum officials are still unsure on what was taken. I really hope they find these horrible people and lock them up for a VERY long time, as well as the objects of course. These objects are literally irreplaceable, and it makes my blood boil when they are treated for their monetary value alone, which is presumably why they were stolen, instead of their incredible cultural significance. Bastards. 

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