Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Civil War Relic Thief Gets Time...Good.

A man in the US has been tried and convicted of damaging historical relics, after he had amassed a collection of thousands of artefacts from the Petersburg Battlefield in Virginia. This guy would use a metal detector, or a DOG to find objects, ranging from bullets to belt buckles. (come on seriously, a dog?!!) Randy Jones, from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, compared relic hunting to "ripping a page from a book" and as a result there is an incredible "the loss of historic information." Apparently he kept a journal of his "activities", and one entry states he found five buttons in one place, indicating he may have disturbed a soldier's remains. The popularity of relic hunting on TV shows has led to a rise in people basically wanting to go on a treasure hunt...without being clever and realising they're damaging historical objects, or worse, remains.


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