Monday, 7 May 2012

Clue to Lost Colony?

Over four hundred years ago, an English settlement at Roanoke Island, North Carolina, was abandoned...and no one knows why. The inhabitants simply disappeared, but new evidence has arisen to suggest that the colony moved from Roanoke Island upward to Albemarle Sound. This was based on a map of Virginia and North Carolina, owned by the British Museum. James Horn, vice president of research at Colonial Williamsburg claims "their intention was to create a settlement. And this is what we believe we are looking at with this symbol - their clear intention, marked on the map..." Historians have made out what appears to be a fort in Northeastern NC on the map, and assume the 95 people in the colony moved to live with the Native Americans.

Unfortunately, the site is on private land, so archaeologists may have to wait a while to excavate it. What an incredible opportunity that would be...

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