Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mary Rose Museum!

The new museum to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth opened last week. Naval history doesn't exactly thrill me but the museum looks fantastic and I can't wait to have a look round. Conservationists have carefully planned the exhibition for years and after 35million pounds of investment, one hopes that this will be one of the best maritime heritage sites in the country. I'm particularly looking forward to learning more about the crew. Forensic scientists worked with bodies found at the site to sketch a picture of what the crew would have looked like. It's fascinating what the scientists have discovered - their positions on the ship and their health at the time of death, for example. 

The Mary Rose sank five hundred years ago, and legend has it, that Henry VIII watched in horror as his favourite ship was destroyed before his eyes. It was rediscovered in the Solent in the 1980s.

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