Saturday, 8 March 2014

WW1 on the London Stage

The following article from Reuters is an interesting look at the World War One-inspired plays in London. Recently, the 'Blackadder' version of the war - i.e., soldiers being sent over the top as cannon fodder - has come under fire from historians (pun intended). They argue that the British army was fully aware of the huge death toll and desperately tried to prevent it. The introduction of tank warfare is an example of this (something I learned at the Tank Museum in Dorset, courtesy of my wonderful friend Felicity). This argument however, has not found favour in the public eye, as many prefer to view the First World War as a tragic, wasted conflict when compared to the 'just' Second World War. When politicians like Michael Gove wade in the debate, it does nothing but complicate the already tense divide between these two conflicting perspectives. The battle will rage on during the next four years, but it is important to look at both arguments. The 'Blackaddder' version may be more dramatic and popular but that does not mean it is right. Of course, to most in the entertainment industry, what matters is what sells.

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