Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gallipoli, Anzacs and Twitter...

Historians in Australia and Turkey are using Twitter to raise awareness of the Gallipoli campaign (WW1, 1915). @Gallipoli_Live tweets events and soldier's memories at the same time they occurred or were written down, nearly 100 years ago. Bill Sellers, an Australian historian and Sahin Aldogan, a retired Turkish soldier have collected a wealth of information about the campaign, and will be tweeting events as they happened every day until January. Sellers explained that they "use diaries and letters, official histories, often unpublished documents as well as those that are very much in the public domain."

Twitter is an incredible resource, and this is a great way to generate interest in something that is not in public consciousness, outside of Australia and New Zealand of course. It brings history home to us, we can read soldier's memories and understand what they were a part of. Twitter can help democratise history, something that is sorely needed.

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