Sunday, 22 April 2012

Martin Luther King and a KKK Bounty?

According to a new book by historians Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock, Martin Luther King was assassinated as a part of a plot by the KKK. The racist group raised over £62,000 for the bounty, collected by a network of organisations who wished to see King dead. Conspiracy theories have surrounded the assassination since 1968, but the FBI have rigorously denied the KKK's involvement. However, Wexler and Hancock want to reopen the case, particularly in light of some FBI reports that have previously been unpublished. The historians state that James Earl Ray was in prison for arson in Missouri when he heard about the bounty, and plotted to kill MLK. This came to pass on 4 April 1968, and Ray was arrested at Heathrow a few months later. An interesting read perhaps...

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