Saturday, 13 October 2012

Assassination Site will become tourist attraction

From 2013, tourists will be allowed to stand on the site where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Apparently, this didn't happen on the steps of the senate but in a theatre - which is fascinating in itself because most history documentaries I have seen, including the recent programme by Andrew Marr depict Caesar being repeatedly stabbed in the Senate.

Today, the area is called Torre Argentina Square and is in the very heart of Rome, but it's also known as the Stray Cat Colony because not many tourists go there. A fact archaeologists are hoping to change. (I'm sure Caesar would probably appreciate a move away from the 'Stray Cat Colony' too.)

Archaeologists report that every year, flowers are left by an unknown person on this ancient site every year on the anniversary of the assassination on March 15, 44BC.

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